Martin Puppe

Fundstücke 33/2015

With Windows 10, Microsoft sells you out
“[…] your interest in how your computer works and Microsoft’s interest are no longer aligned. While you will want your computer to do things quickly and efficiently and unobtrusively, Microsoft will want it to do those things slowly and clunkily and painfully; because every delay, every useless dialog box you have to click through, is another opportunity for them to show you an ad. And while you will want your computer to keep your secrets secret, you won’t be able to trust Microsoft to want the same thing anymore, because suddenly all those secrets are worth money to them. They can use them to match you up even more exquisitely with advertisers, who have become Microsoft’s real customers for Windows.”

Fix Windows 10
Immerhin erlaubt Windows 10 recht genau einzustellen, welche Daten an Microsoft gesendet werden. Hier wird das ausführlich mit Screenshots erklärt.

Documentation at scale: The principles
“1. Acknowledge that brute force doesn’t work. 2. Make documentation a first class citizen. 3. Make documentation executable. 4. Track the intent. 5. Measure it.”

Ein Abgrund von Landesverrat
Bundesrichter Thomas Fischer schreibt in seiner Kolumne über den Fall #landesverrat. Dabei kommt seine Meinung sehr deutlich durch. Auch wenn man diese nicht vollständig teilt, ist der Artikel sehr interessant zu lesen.

Lee Fields and the Expressions - “Faithful Man” (Live at WFUV)